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Im a 15 year old male. Can someone help me find a new hair style for school and XC?

I'm a 15 year old male in high school and I dont know what type of hairstyle to get tomorrow when I get my hair cut. My hair is brown and pretty long currently; I have an long ovalish diamond like face. I have a pretty active life because I'm in like 7 clubs at school. I want to keep my hair sort of long to an extent but not too long so that its always in my face all the time. I was planning to shave my head in November right before indoor track season for track and raising awareness for a volunteer program I'm in but after homecoming. I run cross country currently but like I previously stated, I would like to keep my hair long on the top and short on the side. any help would be appreciated! thanks!.

Update: Im also going to ask the person cutting my hair if they feel comfortable just winging it but I want to go in with backups just in case they aren't comfortable with doing that.

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  • 2 years ago

    This looks nice.

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  • 2 years ago

    I think long on top and short on the sides is fine. It’s not really a specific hair style.

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