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Christians, Would u attend the same church if child sex abuse scandal or other scandals like sexual assualt, misappropriation etc?

* comes to light?

OK.. It is easy to say only 2 percent of the priests molested children. The rest 98 percent of good people. It is easy to say “Catholic church has already apologized for all the atrocities like what happened in the residential school, So it does not matter..”

This week, in Indian Catholic Church a woman has been sexually assaulted by a priest when she went for confession. Also, it has been revealed that Mother Teresa’s missionary in India had been selling 280 infant babies illeglly for money.

Do you think it is better to be a independent Christian without being part of any church. You can easily say most of the clergy is good and there are few bad apples everywhere ….because we are not the actual victims of the church. Also a church is not like school or hospital. Church authorities are held to a higher standard.

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    Well...let's consider this reasonably.

    Let's say that the church I attend had some such scandal.

    The pastor was involved in child molestation.

    Naturally the pastor would be fired.

    There is a new pastor.

    Should I assume that pastor is also a child molestor?

    WHY would I ever assume such a thing?

    Of course I would not change churches.

    I would not because I would have NO reason to believe that the replacement pastor was also a pedophile.

    Quite the contrary: I would expect that he was "vetted" much more carefully than was the previous pastor in hopes of avoiding a similar scandal. I would expect the very next pastor to be much less likely to be a pedophile than the previous one who was.

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    I wouldn't, but don't attend church anyhow.

    5 or 6 years ago, a large pedophile ring within the Anglican Church in Australia was brought to light.

    It was a major scandal.

    "The data shows that 1,115 complaints of child sexual abuse were received by the church between 1980 and the end of 2015, involving 22 of the 23 Anglican dioceses in Australia. Those complaints were made by 1,082 survivors against 569 named and 133 unnamed perpetrators."

    There were those who perpetrated the abuse, and there were many more who knew about it (or suspected it), but were afraid to come forward. It seemed unlikely than anyone in the clergy could have been completely oblivious. Nevertheless, the constant, gradual decline in church affiliation did not waver. There was no sudden decline in church affiliation; no massive exodus of Anglicans to other religions or to atheism.

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    Firstly, Catholicism isn't even real Christianity, please refer to my answer here -->

    Secondly, I would not judge all Catholic priests everywhere because of what many of them are doing which is wrong. If the priest in your local church is an integrous man then you have no grounds to shun the church on the basis of immorality

    Our family a few years ago also left the church my parents were married in and where my siblings and I grew up in because the new leaders were accomodating and justifying scandals within the church which included the case where a friend of mine was sexually molested by her step father and no one in the church was willing to deal with her step father - not even her own mother. They told her to forgive and forget about it. My dad gave her step father a piece of his mind though. We just could not stay in a church that allows that (and more). The morality of the entire church tends to go down when such things are overlooked plus its hypocrytical to preach to others while living in open unrepentant sin

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    They sure do. they seem to support those who perpetrate these crimes.

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    Depends on who is engaged in the behavior and why. I would not want to sit under a Congregational Authority that does not follow God. I would also pray for the Discernment to see something like this before it happens so that I might leave that church and warn others away from it. Gay and Pedophile or intoxicated behaviors never occur in a vacuum. There are always tells if you know what to look for.

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    no if it is common practice that is being hidden and later years found out that it is still common,

    religious leaders are held at a higher standard and for them to be practicing pedophiles is an atrocity

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    Would I attend the same church if a scandal cAme to light? Why wouldn't I? One rotten apple doesn't spoil the whole barrel in this case.

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    Would you stick with your family if a friend came into the picture and sexually assaulted one of your female friends years later?......Just a thought.

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    Some accusations are false and no one should try to hurt faith of innocent.

    Some horrible lies were told to me in the past about a church that is very precious to God and those who did this will have to answer for hurting faith of the innocent.

    Paul said in Timothy not many should become teachers because if they have misled any they would need to cleanse their path and if they did so in innocence I am sure God will forgive them. But if religious leaders use what they know to get rich off of others and have no intent to promote healthy thoughts in time hoping some of my friends return to me and would welcome them with open arms and tell them they are not soulless and to have hope as long as they display love to others.

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