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How to get rid of back acne scars ? Will they go overtime or do they stay forever ?

So I had somewhat bad acne on my back and it’s only the top quarter of my back I didnt have any starting from my bra and under, BUT I have some acne scars and I’m too embarrassed to show my back because they’re like brown spots and I’m pretty pale .. so I was wonder how could I get rid of them ? I heard putting on sunscreen and going in the sun helps is that true because I’ll try it out? And I don’t want any home remedies I feel like they never do anything and I’m not doing laser. I was also wondering if they would go overtime ? I’m almost 18 and let’s say in a couple years will they go away or do they stay forever ? Tell me from personal experience or from someone you know, thank you so much ! :)

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    Have you considered a Vitamin E based film approach?

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