Is the guy I met on a dating app interested in me?

So I matched with this guy on an app about 2 months ago. I said something first and he replied back so I took it as he was somewhat interested. He always kind of took a long time to respond back, but then he explained he was at work. Our conversations were great and so we added each other on Snapchat. We snapped here and there and I asked if he wanted to go to the movies because his birthday was coming up and I felt like I should do something for him. He said he has to see about it. Never got back to me. So we didn’t talk to each other for about a week, but then I ask him was he still interested or else I was going to move on in life. He never answered my question, but he started snapchating me again. We still talk to this day, but I’m like should’ve we gone on like a date or something? Have each other’s phone numbers? Sometimes I feel like he’s not really trying to learn anything about me. Should I cut ties and move on?

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  • 2 years ago
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    No, he's not. I'm a guy, and NO GUY who is actually interested is going to behave like that unless he's married and trying to hide it from his wife.

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