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Fear for my child's safety!!?

My ex may get visitation with our 5 year old son but I am terrified of this because he has said in the past if I ever dared to leave him I would never see my son again and he could guarantee that and he has threatened to drown my son before and he knows he could never do anything more to hurt me unless he hurt our son and he has threatened to burn our house down while we are sleeping and a judge is aware of all of this. What should I do? I am so horrified for my son's well being and that his father will hurt him in some way or actually kill him because he knows it would destroy me completely. How can I assure my son's safety against a psychotic violent alcoholic who was abusive to me,my son, and even my elderly disabled father. He is in jail for beating my father and I took it as my chance to escape him and give my son a normal abusive free life but I know when he gets out I and my family are in imminent danger because he found out in court I am no longer with him and will never have another chance of us being together he has threatened to kill me as well and beat my teeth through the back of my skull. I am terrified and don't know what to do he is extremely dangerous.


POWER FLOWER The judge said in court he may get visitation. As for him not realizing we're no longer together he is the "it's not over til I say because the man decides when the relationship is over" type. He's a ******* dangerous piece of **** and I don't think it's safe to for him to be around my child.

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    talk to the police about it and let them take care of it

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    Why would you think he'd get visitation? And he doesn't know you've split up? Your story doesn't make sense.

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    Please dont take this the wrong way but it sounds here like your more on a sympathy train than being concerned for your child.

    What i dont understand is if this man is such a bad person then why would the courts give him custody and in any hearing why have you not said this to the courts.

    I dont think your ex will hurt his child just to get to you.

    If you are that worried then take your concerns to the police.

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    I think you need to move away altogether and completely start over with your son, people like him don't really care about custody of the kid, its just to make your life hell. If everything you say here is true then you should be helped to get away. Contact a domestic abuse charity and tell them whats happened, if they cannot help keep trying, someone will! Good luck! :)

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