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Why is this guy upsessed with my dating life😢?

My friend is constantly asking me questions about my dating life. What is his problem? Constantly asking if I love this guy, who I am talking to tonight when texting me, etc..why does he care? Do all people ask questions like this or does he have friend now have feelings for me you think? I could never love him like a boyfriend and he knows that. Do you guys think that this is just normal stuff that anyone would ask? I need to stay away from him if he does have feelings so..he is just jealous? Wishes that he had a girlfriend? I can’t ask him and I wish I knew why he asks me such personal stuff. How do you know if a friend has feelings because it would be awkward. I’m sorry for my odd questions but a huge thanks to anyone who answers.

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    Yeah he is probably jealous, if you don't feel comfortable hanging out with him anymore then that's your choice and you should tell him that. If you need to you could alert your parents or the school that you wouldn't like to hang around him and ask them to help keep him away. Don't yell at him or get angry just tell him calmly and sympatheticy yet firm.

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