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After boot camp can you wear personal prescription glasses?

I’m going to boot for infantry in a couple months and was just curious if after boot I can wear my own prescription glasses rather then the glasses they give you. Wanted to get a cool pair like Wiley x PT-1 or something that looks a little better then the birth control glasses they give you.

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    You can especially if you are not in uniform. However if you are in uniform then you will want to be careful what you wear in the way of sunglasses somewhat. Regulations specify that they should be somewhat conservative in nature and design when wearing glasses of any kind and while in uniform. Also Wiley's are more acceptable in a utility uniform than maybe a class A or class B uniform. That is because some Wiley's have a very good safety rating and protect your eyes better in places where there is a lot of dust, dirt, and whatnot that is being kicked up or kicked around by rotor and fixed wing aircraft. That is why they are widely used and worn in the AOR and they fit the contour of a person's face better and don't allow stuff to come up underneath and get into your eyes and are very strong and impact resistant.

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    yes, and no. they must still follow Regs for appearance. the free ones available on most bases are not too bad any more. definitely many more options to choose from.

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