Should i ask my online crush out?

So, I ve been really obvious that I like this girl. No, we ve never met but I m positive she s not a catfish (from pics, skype, ect). Even to the point where I go off in long messages saying what I love about her.

She gets really shy and flattered by these. A while after these messages, I confessed to her. She said she also likes me back. The only problem, is that she has an almost-boyfriend (they like each other and hes supposedly planning on asking her out formally.)

Lately, she s been really clingy. Now that she knows I like her, I ve said a lot of romantic stuff to her. She (jokingly?) told me to go after her.

Should I fight for her? Will I win? Should I ask the question? I need some advice....

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    Yes if she is close by you

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