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Why have there been so many anti-communist Holocausts?

Here's just some of them:

Argentina: 30,000 genocided

China: 1,431,000 genocided

East Timor: 150,000 genocided

El Salvador: 105,000 genocided

Guatemala: 200,000 genocided

Indonesia: 1,000,000 genocided

South Korea: 200,000 genocided

Spain: 400,000 genocided

Taiwan: 30,000 genocided

Thailand: 3,008 genocided

Death toll: 3,549,008

That's not to mention those killed during war. Hitler's invasion of Russia killed 20,000,000. Hitler also genocided the communists in his own country, but the death count is unknown.

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    Because the oligarchs aren't going to simply let people be treated as equals

  • Anonymous
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    Hitler was a good socialist that got it and he merely exterminated the communists that he thought might betray him just like the socialist dove Stalin did my fellow good liberal!

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