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How do I explain mental illness (Anxiety and OCD) to a parent who is totally ignorant of it?


The parent thinks it is just a bad habit I can turn off.

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    2 years ago
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    Anxiety/panic symptoms are among the most common in this time. There is a diagnosis of OCD, alone, but acute symptoms can coincide with anxiety disorders alone. The human mind is too complex to simply "narrow down".

    How do you explain personal and emotional experiences to a parent? If a parent is less than "open" to discussion, they are not likely to just understand. That is where you would /need/ (for your own sake if nothing else!) to seek counseling. It's not easy, even terrifying, but once you find the right professional it can so soon become so comfortable, and frankly pleasant. A tremendous weight off.

    This is possibly the best advice/direction you will discover. Once you are able to communicate with a professional - and it may not be the very first one that you meet - discussion with parent(s) and others will fall into place.

  • Camaro
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    2 years ago

    No matter how much logic u have u will never convince a bigot that mental illness is real. They are not logical creatures.

  • k w
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    2 years ago

    find a webpage that explains it well, and have them read it......

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