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Does Saturn in the 1st house give a "Elegant" appearance ?

I read this placement makes someone look "ugly" with this placement when i seen the opposite it seems to give off royalty look . Princess diana had this placement


I also noticed pluto and Neptune in the 1st house give a pretty "Ghostly" appearance

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  • lala
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    2 years ago
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    Saturn in the first house as nothing to do with beauty

    its a very hard aspect and its very karmic

    This person can have a tragic destiny like Diana

  • Janet
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    2 years ago

    Actually, Diana had Saturn in the SECOND house.

    As for appearance, it is a misinterpretation of what the Ascendant/First House means.

    It MEANS the "appearance" of the PERSONALITY, not of the body.

    Saturn in the first house creates a personality that APPEARS to be shy and/or serious-mature.

    Diana's shyness was from Sun in Cancer, as well as Moon (emotions) square Venus.

    And in her role in the public, from Saturn square her Midheaven, restricting how she felt out in the public eye.

    Her emotional instability came from her Moon opposite her Uranus.,_Prince...

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Saturn in the first house is not an aspect. It's a placement.

    This question follows the YA time honored tradition of not mentioning the sign when it would be helpful. Otherwise it's signs, signs signs.The generally accepted birth time is 7:45 am. There has been some controversy. If that is correct, she has Sagittarius rising and Saturn in Capricorn hugging the 2nd house cusp - more than 40 degrees away from the ASC,but on the first house side of the cusp. It's barely in the 1st house and I doubt many astrologers would use it to describe her appearance. She was too fair for Saturn without some serious mitigating factors.

  • GibBas
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    2 years ago

    Saturn is the old tyrant, the old teacher or headmaster, the mountain goat which struggles to reach the top of the mountain; it's where we may fear to step, or, as one pro astrologer on here used to quote years ago, "it's where we may feel "if only" " - where we always tend to feel that something is missing in our life. It's where we may take great pains to be our very best and be disciplined etc. If Saturn is in the 1st house then the person may approach life with a lot of caution and when in the company of people they don't know that well, they may come across as this way. The person may go to great pains to try to look their best though when meeting these types of people or in such circumstances. It has nothing to do with physical attributes though. A lot depends on how Saturn is aspected by other planets and how this is handled in their life though.

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