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How can I gain confidence and self esteem?

I have always struggled with self esteem issues and lacked confidence. Some things I have tried to change this is:

-Getting in great shape

-bieng a good person

-bieng good at something


I have never been able to gain the level of self confidence most people seems to have. Its hard for me to speak to people with confidence or even engage normally with people. In any situation where someone gets mad or upset with me I instantlly always blame myself and feel crappy and beat down even if I know its not my fault.

Anyway, the reason im asking about this is because I have the career oportunity of a lifetime at my fingertips but it requires making sales and talking to people! I am willing to do whatever possible to get past these character defects.

Thanks for reading my rant and I really appreciate any help or suggestions from anyone experienced in that field or who has maybe been through something similar and overcame it. Please no smart-*** or rude responses. Thanks!

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  • 2 years ago

    A real pleasure,

    I did about three dedicated specific building

    Self confidence and three assertiveness

    Groups learnt meditation at an Ashram and

    They all helped a little in calming me down.

    I found hypnosis by far the easiest from a bloke

    called Steven Schneider on iTunes and lots of

    thinking and practice and l still make errors

    because lm human.

    Good luck.

    Very best wishes for your future


    Source:) Study.

  • 2 years ago

    Each night, before bed, write down every success of the day. Do not filter with 'iffs buts or so' EVERYTHING.

    in the morning, look at the list and smile

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