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Would a Scorpio and Aquarius be compatible?

-Both Have Moon in Capricorn

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    Astrological compatibility is determined NOT by the signs, but by the "synastry aspects" between any of you 10 planets and your Ascendant, and any of the other person's 10 planets + Ascendant.

    Let's take the example you have given .. someone with Sun in Scorpio and someone else with Sun in Aquarius.

    Given just the signs that these 2 Suns are in, there are 4 possible interactions between A's attempts to feel whole (Sun-need) and B's attempts to feel whole:

    (1) Sun in Scorpio is between 54 and 66 degrees from Sun in Aquarius. This is a synastry "sextile" aspect/distance.

    The two needs for inner wholeness complement each other and interact harmonious on THIS need.

    This would require the Scorpio to have their Sun in very late Scorpio, and the Aquarius is very early Aquarius.

    (2) Sun in Scorpio is between 82 and 98 degrees from Sun in Aquarius.

    This is a square synastry aspect and two Suns can be in any degree, as LONG as the degree each is in it not more than 8 degrees apart in their respective signs (i.e., 10 Scorpio and 15 Aquarius).

    This creates clashing of egos .. one person's need to like themselves is thwarted by how the other person seeks their own self-importance.

    (3) Sun in Scorpio is between 112 and 128 degrees from Sun in Aquarius.

    This is a trine synastry aspect, and has the same interpretation as the sextile #1.

    In this case, Sun would have to be in very early Scorpio, and the other Sun in very late Aquarius.

    (4) NO ASPECT AT ALL, in which case there is NO interaction between the two Sun-needs.

    .............As for both having Moon in Capricorn, there are similar emotional styles, and have similar emotional needs.

    But unless the two Moons are within 8 degrees of each other (a synastry "conjunctioni"), there is no strong emotional interaction.

    And sometimes that is a good thing. If two people are TOO much alike emotionally, they have the same emotional strengths, but also have the same emotional weakness. And because they are not different enough to balance each other out, those weaknesses can drive the two apart, emotionally.

    You also have to look at all the OTHER possible synastry comparisons.

    Is their Saturn square your Sun? They will end up becoming a burden to you, or become cold, demanding and rejecting.

    Is their Venus sextile your Jupiter? There is a sweetness and tolerance and kindness between the two of you.

    You will find that NO couple is totally compatible and in fact that even just 70% compatibility is rare.

    What allows a couple to last is that they are both emotionally mature enough to handle the incompatibility that exists between the two of them. If they aren't, then even the strongest love in the world will not make it last.

    Synastry is useful for assessing the difficulties. Oh, it does show the good stuff too, but it isn't the good stuff that we have to worry about, is it?

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    On the sole basis of sun sign - NEVER

    Source(s): Sixth Sense
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    Astrology is fake. Birthdays aren't what makes people "compatible".

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