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If someone is in great pain from mental illness, is it normal to think about themselves more often than others?

I have very very bad depression and anxiety and I have obsessive compulsive disorder, and most of the time I'd rather be dead and have suicidal thoughts very often. I think I have some neurological issues as well because I often feel disconnected from reality. Is it normal that I tend to not be as helpful to other people as much as they help me? I feel happy when they are happy and sad when they are sad but a lot of times i block it all out so I dont completely explode with anxiety and sadness. I feel like my burden is too big and I cant and dont want to hold someone elses burden too. I know that's selfish I think but I dont want to be selfish but i thought it was normal when you're overwhelmed?. I want to help people. Also I have a kind of peace that everyone will be okay in the end, except me because no meds or therapy has gotten rid of the pain I feel 24/7. please help I feel like an awful person and a burden and like im a psychopath or a narcissist, but I took quizzes online about those two things and I scored very low on both meaning im supposedly the opposite of those two things. thank you in advance.

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    It is absolutely normal for a person with mental illnesses to focus on themselves during episodes. You are normal in these circumstances. Don’t beat yourself up. As you feel better, you will probably be more comfortable around others.

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    1. exercise every day

    2. sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

    3. google "inspiritional quotes" on the internet, read 2-3 a day

    4. help other people, animals, old people. Get outside yourself.

    5. limit social media and computer time to 1-2 hours a day.

    Download the app, CALM. You need to try some meditation, relaxation.

    You also need to google anxiety in teens. Try to find stuff to help you. You'll be an adult soon, you can’t hide. If you need more, go to a doctor, counselor, get meds, therapy.

    go to a mental health professional to get help. If you have a broken leg, you go to the doctor for pain meds, a cast, physical therapy afterwards. Same with this.

    Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


    741741 text line

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