Will hydrocodone help with a severe sunburn?

I got a really bad sunburn this week which resulted in sun poisoning and painful blisters along my back and legs I’m in immense pain and ibuproften just isn’t cutting it. I’ve done every remedy out there but my fair skin is so delicate and in pain I have some hydrocodone from my surgery about a year ago. Will it help? And yes I know it has potential to be addictive don’t worry I’m not a druggy I’ve had the same bottle for almost 2 years only use when I need but I’m in pain right now! Any suggestions welcome as I must return to work tomorrow and I’m a waitress so I’ll be moving around a lot

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    Omg. All you need is aspirin. Take more than the recommended amount on the label and ur burn will disappear. Learned this trick from a Dr.

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