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should usa cut war spending in halve and build a free fresh water grid?

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    War spending will BANKRUPT America just like it did the Soviet union!

    American bankruptcy is only a matter of time!

    Without the "protection" that NATO has enabled America to throw its weight about, no more pounding about as "superpower" coasting courtesy of the defunct petro$ As the sole reserve currency!

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    On a cost -per-pound basis the rarest substance in the universe-potable water -is also the cheapest

    The best way to encourage the conservation of potable water is to increase it's price by 5000%

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    Most every city and town has a water department. How about you get off the couch and go visit your local water plant and see how much power it take to just move it around the local town. Water has to be pumped from the aquifer and filtered, then treated - typically it sits for a few days of post treatment and then moves on to the town customers. Water in a pipe has resistance - and within a few short miles it requires a lift station or a re-circulation station to build the pressure and throughput back to normal. The longer water stays in a pipe the more impurities it can absorb.

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    If we cut the military budget in half, we could do a lot more than that. We could also give free college to every American, a home to every homeless person, and start building the infrastructure for a nationalized healthcare industry. Hell, we'd probably even have enough left-over to build the wall, give the Republicans a little bone too. You don't realize just how much $350 billion is. That is an insane amount of money.

    But that will never happen. Anytime Republicans get the chance to spend more money, they funnel it all into the military. They rose the military budget from $600 billion to $700 billion in one year alone. They could've easily built the wall with that kind of money. Their obsession for the military is so strong that it gets in the way of their own policy goals.

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  • How does that work exactly?

    Enough desalinization plants to allow even the driest part of Oregon to be farmed just to keep the Republican arsonists happy till they realize that other people would want to farm the National lands too? Agriculture is an endless sponge and is the reason many city's populations do without.

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    Oh well- being flip is more typical of you killers.

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