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Should I propose at Yellowstone in summer or Anchorage Alaska in winter under Northern Lights?

Which is more romantic?

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  • 2 years ago

    northern lights-but please make sure that before that, you talk about ALL of the hard questions, and have enough money saved up to pay for the marriage, not just the wedding.

    By hard questions, I mean

    If one gets their dream job, do we move across the country?

    Are we going to have kids? How many?

    Will we have daycare, or will one of us stay home?

    What if we change our mind about that?

    What would we do if we were told a baby would have a horrible defect?

    What if we disagree on how many or if we will have kids?

    What would we do if one of us were horribly handicapped or ill?

    How will we spend our money when it's shared between us?

    Will we take out a home equity loan, or save up for things we want?

    Cash or credit?

    Will we take in an elderly parent?

    Will we have a cleaning crew or landscaper?

    These all sound so far off, but when you're planning for forever, you need to have a clue.

    Go for the Northern Lights, just make sure you're ready when you do.

  • 2 years ago

    oh my god!! anchorage alaska during the lights. it's absolutely stunning and i'm sure it'll be a very sweet moment :) congrats btw

  • CrazyD
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    2 years ago

    Alaska under Northern lights.

    Yellowstone is just a national park, the northern lights is something extra special, I'd do it there.

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