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Want to upgrade gpu for pc but don't know what to get?

This is the pc I bought:

I'm on a budget but I want to play siege on it. Don't know what graphics card to buy that will fit into this compact pc. Help or recommendations? I tried an MSi graphics card but the wires within my pc kept the card from fitting, mainly bc of the cooler on the graphics card.

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    You are lost.

    First problem - its a HP - that means proprietary hardware. HP is a great computer - so long as what you buy is EXACTLY what you need. They go obsolete in a year and you can about never use any parts other than HP OMC parts.

    Second problem - its an under $600 computer. They make it cheap like that because they do not include anything for expansion - like extra PCI-16 slots for better video cards.

    Third problem - the cheapo power supply only has enough juice to run that box ……. a decent video card will probably need a power supply 3x what this HP can make. Next issue - doubtful this box has enough fans to keep the better video card cool enough.

    You have the Volkswagen of computers. You cant turn a VW into a Porche by simply removing a part and adding a new one.

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