does he like me ? should i stat playing games?

so there's this guy that lives in my complex that I like. and I've liked him since I've moved in which was a couple of months ago we flirt a lot but he claims he's talking to someone else but he stays saying "come to my window" . and when i kissed him on the cheek he said he liked my kiss and touched me on my thigh and slapped my butt while we were hugging. but we don't have any physical occasions since he's came back from his one month vacation and that's when he start saying hes talking to someone and he stays tying to make me jealous all the time but i feel like he likes me bc of the flirting.

1 Answer

  • Candi
    Lv 4
    2 years ago

    Just ignore him tell him to go screw himself then, he's not taking into consideration your feelings. I did just that and the jerk went away. If he had really loved me he would not have gotten so offended so easily. Keep meeting other people.

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