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How to stop fighting?

There is this girl that I used to play soccer with her name is Karla and so me and her get into fights a lot she used to be my BEST FRIEND but now she always makes up rumors about me and says mean things about me and my other friends. so we went on a soccer tournament once to Gatlinburg and we stayed in a log cabin with me, Karla, and 2 other girls. before karla arrived, the two other girls were saying that Karla can be dramatic sometimes. I didn't say anything about Karla, because she was my friend at that time. when Karla got to the cabin, later on she asked me if the two other girls had been talking about her. I tolf her the truth and told her that they said that she was dramatic. Honestly, Karla had always been dramatic and she was dramatic about THIS too. she got so upset and told her parents then after that her dad, Mark was not speaking to one of the girl's moms. then he started not speaking to the other mom. karla was so upset that she stopped speaking to the other two girls as well as Karla's mom and dad stopped speaking to the other two girl's moms and dads and the girls. we were known as the Fab Four our whole lives but when karla started acting like this she stopped speaking to the other two girls. I told Karla to makeup with the other two girls but she refuses. So, a few weeks ago I went to Karla's house for a sleepover and I went to facetime Karla's boyfriend, Jake. On their recent messages, I saw that Jake had asked for a picture of me to see if he knew me. Ka

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    Edit: The friendship is over. She has trashed it. Stop trying to be her friend.

    Be her acquaintance if need be, but

    let others befriend her. And deny any false rumors about you.

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    people change it cannot always be the same.

  • Anonymous
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    Karla sent a picture of me to Jake and Jake said "ewww" then karla responded with "yeah I know"

    It hurt my feelings so much, and I confronted karla about it and she got so mad that I found it, so she has been spreading rumors about me so that people don't believe my story about the text message thing.

    trust me.

    its true.

    I cried.

    all night.

    even got picked up by my mom.

    It sucked.

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