How easy would it be for 2016 DoomGuy to kill Master Chief?

Double tap with the super shotgun to knock down the chiefs shield and one blast from th BFG would finish it. How do you think it would play out? Would the Chief get stuck in the stomach with a chainsaw or would the doomslayer get rocked by the Spartan laser?

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    I think DoomGuy works best (when compared to Master Chief) at the medium ranges.

    Yes the DoomGuy has the BFG, but he doesn't have many shots, the shot is also very slow, meaning if you fire it at someone as fast as the Master Chief at any significant range, the MC will simply move. If worse comes to worse, the Master Chief can put down a Bubble Shield and tank the BFG shot.

    Of DoomGuy's sniper weapons, one lays down a visible laser before it fires and has to charge and the other has very limited ammo. At long and extreme ranges, I give this one to Master Chief.

    At melee ranges, the DoomGuy has the chainsaw....and Master Chief has the Energy Blade. There's no contest there. (Not to mention that the Master Chief is a military cyborg.)

    I think DoomGuy's best chances are at medium ranges. These are the ranges where his ability to carry multiple weapons at once would give him the greatest advantage, as he simply switches weapons to another type instead of reloading to burn down Master Chief's shield fast enough to do real damage. (Master chief doesn't carry as many different weapons at the same times, and has less tactical flexibility.)

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