Can you have good quality recording on FL Studio demo?

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    2 years ago
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    Of course.A lot of people use that site then releases material they make on that site.Including a lot of famous Rappers.

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    Looking at the info on the FL site, once you save anything from the demo you can not open it again unless you buy the appropriate full version...

    Grab Tracktion 6 instead; it's a full DAW and totally free & unrestricted. For me, tracktion is the best DAW released in decades regardless of price. They don't try to extort you with crippled demos either.

    You can add any number of extra plugins (VSTs) from the dozens of free VST library sites online, eg. vst4free, vstplanet etc.

    The overall quality of recordings depends on the equipment - mic & interface - and acoustic surroundings.

    If you have "studio quality" quiet and acoustically dead conditions, a condenser mic will work well.

    For noisy conditions a stage mic is best, eg. a Shure SM58 - and keep it as close to your mouth as possible.

    Be aware that most mics sold as "Studio condenser" & aimed at beginners are scams - cheap electret capsules in big casings at stupid prices, anything up to 200 - 300 for something worth 10- to 15-..

    The cheapest true condenser large diaphragm one I know of the the MXL V67g at about 100- or you can get a kit with a pair of smaller diaphragm MXL 990/991 mics for about the same cost.


    If you are thinking of buying any particular mic, look it up on the web site to see the true info about it.

    My setup below, or a bit of it anyway:

  • Mr.412
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    2 years ago

    Yes you can

  • 2 years ago

    I couldn't make a good recording ANYWHERE.

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