This guy is driving me crazy.What should I do ?

This guy that I talk to suppose to had fixed my car a month. He kept making up excuses for not doing it all the time. He always has his ex car everytime I come see him.I told him at first to go head and work on her car because it's just a one time thing then a few weeks later he had it again I asked him why does he has his ex car all the time. He said its his car too because his name is on the title and they got it together.I just feel like he cares more about her than me. He does a lot of stuff for her and when I want to do something it's always an excuse but I have to wait along time for him to do something together. He has all his tools & everything in that car. I just feel like the sidechick. We don't go out like we use to no more or when we go to the store I have to buy my own stuff and he keeps walking a head of me like we're not together. I'm tired of it all.He yells & scream at me then hangs up in my ear. He said they're best friends but my intuition says they are more then that. He even begs for money everytime he wants to see me. He get mad if I don't answer my phone .He said we're not even together and said I'm not ready for a relationship but he want to kiss and have sex with me. He said I'm the one thats causing problems in his life all I do is help him always.I keep taking back like a dummy after he done hurt me in the past for trying to marry his friend cousin, called me out my name, he stop taking me out on date etc I should've left him alone right there.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Tell him to not speak to him

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