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My boyfriends attitude keep switching up... What to do??

Lately My boyfriends attitude has been switching back and forth , We might have sex one night and then when he wakes up it’s like he just doesn’t wunna talk or if i say something about being tired he says “what do you know about being tired? You don’t even work you have a social security check so just sit around and do nothing as always. Unlike you i work and i have a real job and i work” idk what’s up with him being petty and whenever i catch an attitude because he catches one he always want to say I’m talking back ... But I’m only talking back because I don’t like when he talks to me any kinda way he wants to it’s not fair to me. Lastnight he told me he wants more from me and idek what that means tbh , But i try my best to love him and support him and be there for him but he says he wants more. I love him to death and i feel like he’s giving up sometimes idek what type of attitude he’ll have the next day or whenever he gets off work. He always says i need to get up and exercise and lastnight when we went for a walk he kept walking fast and i kept trying to keep up and i was so tired so i kept stopping. I can say i felt quite stupid running behind him trying to keep up and all he could say was “well it’s not my fault you don’t exercise all you do is sit on your *** and we both smoke cigarettes and weed and I’m not tired.” That kinda hurt my feelings and when he said it I didn’t say anything back.. what should i do???

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    Ask him why is he being bipolar? He’s mad at you obviously. it’s hard when one person works and the other doesn’t there can be a lot of hostility.

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