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If I didn't have a miscarriage what did I have ?

Some loser on here said I didn't have a miscarriage at 6 months my baby died you freak go troll someone else. This is some level 7 loser who's being a smart ***. Make up your mind trolls I'm so confused. Did I have a miscarriage or not ?

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    At 6 months you had a stillbirth. The child could have been viable. I'm sorry for your loss.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Since most of your aliases have been male over the years, a miscarriage is unlikely. You were using this account and calling yourself Gerard just a week or two ago. Other male names on THIS account (not counting your other accounts) have been Dave, David, John, Ringo, and Quentin (that's just a few).

    So please, tell us how you miscarried when you can't seem to decide if you're male or female. You've had a crying and/or pregnant woman in your life for years, per your posts under this and other accounts. A woman who just miscarried wouldn't be posting on YA about it, especially one who often complains about being trolled anyway.

  • martin
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    2 years ago

    It was a terrible experience others have had as well. Sometimes the baby dies before being born, other times it's a live birth that's so early (say 5 months) that the baby would be kept alive only artificially and never would reach full childhood. Doctors have encouraged people to try again, which could result in a baby carried to full 9 months.

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