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I was supposed to go to Florida with my gf but she just didn't get me any sort of imput. How long should I wait before cancelling the trip?

Long story short: My gf and I are supposed to go on vacation around the last week of july. We didn't specifically set the dates. We're from Boston area we're supposed to go to Florida. Last night I texted her about booking flights and hotels. I asked her if I can book the flights for the 23th and for the 30th. No reply. Now the thing is that we're 2 weeks shy and I still don't have a clue on what days should I book the flights,if we're actually still going there. I got no response at all. I figured that if I don't get some sort of response in like 5 days our trip to Florida simply put won't just happen. What the hell. I gotta know what days I'm gonna be out of town,I've got a job and I've got coworkers I need to speak to and I just can't put that on hold because she doesn't give me any imput. You get my point? What would you do?

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    First, calm down. You are putting a LOT stock in technology. Don't you know that sometimes technology just simply fails? maybe she didn't get your text message?

    OR! She might have meant to reply back after she looked at her calendar, got distracted and forgot. Things like this happen.

    Pick up the phone and simply call her! "Hey babe, did you get my text yesterday about the trip dates? I need to know pretty soon so I can ask off work and book the you think we can talk about it later tonight?" Period. Just let her know that you're needing an answer... instead of hashing out all the details during work... you've basically asked for a meeting later to discuss. Perhaps that will give her time to figure out her schedule before coming to you.

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    Then freaking call her, idiot. Or go to her house.

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    Call her up. "Hey, if you still want to go to FL, we need to decide today. Otherwise, I won't be able to take time off to go?"

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