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Is it normal to act like I'm the character in a tv show/movie?

Whenever I watch a tv show and/or movie I always end up choosing the character I like the best and acting like I'm in their shoes while watching. I don't know if this is gonna make sense, but I pretend like we live in a world where there is new technology and people are placed into scenarios for scientific tests that their friends and family watch (they can feel/see/hear everything in the simulation), and I act like I was the one placed in the simulation as the character I am currently watching, and I imagine how my friends will react and stuff? Is this too weird? I don't know, it just makes tv shows and movies 10x more enjoyable for me. That sounds kinda confusing now that I have wrote it down so I will give an example: Let's say I am watching The Walking Dead, I will choose a character (Beth in this case) and act like I am in their shoes. While watching the show I will imagine how my friends would react to the character actions if I was the character and they were watching me on the screen? Does anyone else do something similar? I feel kinda crazy, I swear it isn't as weird as it sounds.

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    You seem to know reality from fantasy, so it's okay.

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    The Bible says, "As a person thinks, so he or she becomes." As you meditate on the TV shows you watch you become like them. If that's what you want for your future, keep doing so. If not, then change what you focus on.


    focus on the Bible because I want to become all God wants me to be.

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    Yes, it is.

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