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What causes a miscarriage ?

I had a miscarriage last night I feel depressed and sad I didn't even do nothing wrong I don't drink or smoke my doctor said that both of us were healthy I don't understand it I was only 6 months pregnant. I knew something like this would happen anyway. My mom died when I was 3 my sister was just 2 months old so I been really stressed out about it I knew either I was gonna die or my son was gonna die of course it had to be him. My friend told me that I probably wasn't meant to have kids I think she's right. She came to stay with us last night she slept with me last night my wife slept on the couch she said that was ok. I cried my eyes out almost all night. Me and her and my wife were outside last night when it happened. One of my sisters friends went through the same thing a couple years ago she lost her unborn daughter for no reason like I lost my son. I even deleted Facebook because of what I posted about it last night will just hurt me even more I been very depressed today I can't even watch cartoons without crying. My wife and friend are trying to help me but I don't know how to tell them I wanna be left alone. I blame myself even though I didn't know what happened. What causes miscarriages ? How can I move on from it ?

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    Honey, even doctors can’t tell you why. Many many time doctors just don’t know why it happens. In most cases the mother has done nothing at all wrong, nothing to put the unborn baby in danger,

    I would seek professional help. Not only are you dealing with a tragic lost , your hormones are adding to the problem. Get a therapist who specializes in grief to help you.

    PS your friend is an idiot to tell you you are not meant to be a parent.

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    Hello Kelly, I sent you a messae.

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    Sometimes we dont know what causes miscarriages. You could be perfectly healthy and doing everything right.. And sometimes a miscarriage happens for no apparant reason. There may have been an abnormality with the baby, or just a fluke.

    Mourn your loss. This is normal, it is healthy. Take what time you need to grieve and heal. Many women have gone thru a miscarriage at some point in their lives.. So there are many out there whom you can reach out to for support and guidance.

    Many women who have a miscarriage do go on to have a perfectly healthy and full term pregnancy later.

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