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Is it legal to pay women less than men for equal work?


If not, how do you explain the gender pay gap?

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    everytime I see a details explanation of this,, they often compare unmatchine things

    Seldom is everyone doing equal work across the board

    Since your question is based on the common era ,,,, it fails to take in account the facts of history

    like men do the harder more dangerous work more than 80% of the time now and in the past 99%

    go out to a oil rig show me the equal numbers of women on that rig and the pay difference?

    fact is there few women on oil drilling rigs and most would not even think of it.,

    life and work is a lot more than supervisors jobs and technology on a basis that requires no physical strength

    how come the bigger men do better than smaller men on hard physical jobs? how come there are no 6' 10" jockeys

    but let's not let facts get in the way ------------

  • 1 year ago

    It is LEGAL to pay them what they accept... If THEY accept a low paying job... JUST LIKE anything.. .IF THEY ARE WILLING TO DO THE WORK CHEAP LIKE A ILLEGAL THEM PAY THEM THE SAME AS YOU WOULD A ILLEGAL...

    YES it is legal if they accept it just like if a male accepts a low paying job...

  • 1 year ago

    The gender wage gap is just a comparison of what men and women make. Men tend to work harder jobs and work longer hours.

  • 1 year ago

    In many cases, yes. For two people with the same level of experience hired at the same time to do the same thing, pay sholud be equal. But no woman who has been on the job less time than a man has the right to demand equal pay. Seniority and experience still count for something in this country.

    One of the main reasons a pay gap came about is that traditionally, women didn't work in large numbers, and when they started to enter the workforce in large numbers, an automatic pay gap existed solely due to seniority and experience. Women would leave the workplace to have children and maybe would return. Those women often never caught up to the men who didn't leave. As an employer, while I hold mothers and childrearing in high regard, a woman I spend time and money on in training that may leave is a liability to my business over a man, and is not deserving of the same pay as a man if they return to work for me, until such time as they have gained enough experience or otherwise proven their value to me.

    Because there are so many variables and so many different types of jobs, from small businesses to giant corporations, you cannot legislate equal pay across the board. If that ever happens, it can destroy a small business.

    In this day of men choosing to be the stay at home parent, if I owned a business, I would treat this the same way. I would take each case individually. The man that wants to work for me and then leave to raise his kids will not earn the same, when he comes back, as a woman who works for me in the same capacity - until he proves he's worth it.

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  • 1 year ago

    Yes, which is exactly why I refuse to hire women. :)

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      Best Answer!
      Right on !

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    It isn’t legal however many companies find ways around it.

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      Companies such as?

  • 1 year ago

    Yes women should be paid equally as men.

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      You’re wrong !

  • Bill
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    1 year ago

    No, it's illegal to pay people differently based on their sex. It should however be legal since deciding on pay is a contractual right of the employer. It's not the governments place to put things in peoples private agreements that they can't remove if they find them disagreeable. A contract like any other agreement should be fully consented too, not consented to right up to the point of government mandates.

  • 1 year ago

    Legally, no. Yet equal work is only easy to judge in more cut and dry situations.

    I've heard people say a lot about the wage gap and women earning 79% of what men do. This confused me with the equal pay laws and I looked into a bunch.

    As far as I can tell by my own scrutiny and people who talk about it, they do earn about that much as men, but its used in a misleading way. Someone wrote a book about it and found like 40 reasons for the difference in earnings. This is an important point, that women EARN less but are paid equal or close.

    To sum up some key points:

    Men take more overtime, riskier jobs, and are more willing to move. If women want kids that often both makes them take maternity leave and then not want to work overtime or maybe not even full or part time, so they can be with their kids more. This is a pretty reasonable thing to want, Id say.

    Also there are some men who use earnings as a sort of way to 'keep score in life' and they are keen to work almost nonstop, with 80 hour work weeks. These men are rare but will skew the numbers quite a bit. To go with this, almost no women have this drive to work nonstop, which I would say is irrational. Women are certainly capable and will work hard if need be. However if they reach the point of having more than enough, they generally prefer to have other aspects in their life such as family and friends. In other words, there are many more men than women who are happy to 'have no life'.

    Of course I am speaking on the level of populations of people. There will always be individuals who do not fit the trend. It is not good to think of men and women as always having any certain trait.

    In looking into some of this I learned an important factor: men and women are more alike than different. One clear example I heard is that if you take a random man and woman and ask who is more aggressive, odds are its the woman 40% of the time, man 60%. Pretty close to 50/50. However, if you take 100 people in a room and ask who is the most aggressive person, it is a man over 90% of the time. Thats why there are just over 10 times as many men in jail as women. That is a bit of a tangent but it helps to understand population-level math.

    I find in these debates people focus on what men and women are capable of. Men and women are equally capable or close enough in most areas. A bigger part of the picture is what they WANT. Interests drive choices more than capability.

    From what I heard that a true wage gap in terms of measuring sexism alone would be something more like 96 to 98 cents for the exact same job/hours, not 79cents which includes every factor. I agree we should aim to remove sexism from pay as much as reasonably possible. On the other hand we are pretty close to having already done so, especially for how historically new women are to the workforce en masse.

    The people I've heard talking about this highlighted offering assertiveness/negotiation training for women who are interested since a big part of the 'sexism in pay' comes from not paying women more due to them being less inclined to ask for more pay and negotiate strongly.

    Cheers to all the ladies reading, I wish you the best in your careers! Ask for that raise :)

  • Dr. D
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    1 year ago

    Even though it is the law to pay women the same as men for equal work, the fact is women do earn less than men. So why?

    Even the most liberal, most gender equal employers, find that when they do the analysis women still earn less than their male counterparts. The reason why is that men are more likely to sacrifice their time with their families to promote their careers. Women generally take more time off from work to care for their family. Men also more aggressively pursue promotions, advancements, and take on extra duties.

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      Men don’t leave work because they don’t get pregnant!

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