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my dad REALLY and LITERALLY want to throw me away?

im a high school 19 year old girl.

these days, my dad is always unhappy because of the two of us, my bro and i.

i think, hes like this because of the fact i rarely go outside or make/have friends and the fact that he wants to throw us away because he wants to do stuff before he dies or something. but he cant because of me//

im suicidal and depressed and he knows it.

hes 50.

but im starting to think he wants to abandon me so he can have fun again and live.....isnt that selfish? heck. what do i know...

the shlt he says to my face makes me even more suicidal

'i really want to kick both you out' 'its your fault that___' its making me feel like a worthless loser now.

his parenting f'cking sucks now he never watches what he says. f'cking narcissist

always blames me, but doesnt like to be blamed himself.

should i just pack and leave or kill myself so he can finally have some good old time with my brother??

what do u think? what should i do? what should i say?

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  • 2 years ago

    Stop crying like a todler.

    You are an ADULT. He doesn't have to allow you to mooch off of him any more or live rent free in his house. You are too lazy to make freinds and want to sit around all day and mooch off him and think you can keep doing so then cry like a todler when he wants out of his house

    You are not sucidail or despressed. You need to stop faking and accpet the fact you are an adult and have to move out

  • 2 years ago

    i would move out to get away from him, you might be better off

  • 2 years ago

    You should move.

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    2 years ago

    It's normal that your father wants to have a life of his own but he doesn't have to be nasty about it. Kids (you and your brother) grow up and parents want to branch out and do things. You need to expand your horizons too. If possible get a job, and work after school. Focus on savings. Ask a doctor or professional for guidance with the depression. Good luck.

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    2 years ago

    You are 19, an adult, get out if you do not like living with your parents.

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