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Do people that want the government to provide heath care to all 320 million Americans really think the government is going to spend whatever?

it takes to keep you alive?

That is just not going to happen.

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    2 years ago

    Single payer is one of those issues where one side is right and the other is absolutely wrong. Basically all of the conservative arguments against single payer are baseless and this is one of them.

    First off, single payer works really well in other countries. They all spend much less than the US and most of them have significanlty better health outcomes. France and Britain, for example, are much better at keeping people alive than America is.

    Second, you're engaging in a false dichotomy. Our current system in the US does not spend "whatever it takes to keep you alive". That's nonsense. Our current system is based around for profit health insurance companies and they're only going to spend money on you as long you're profitable. They've got a bottom line to consider and they won't spend "whatever it takes" to keep you alive if that doesn't make them money. There's an example of this recently where one big insurer pulled out of markets in, IIRC, Iowa because of one patient. This person, who had an exotic and expensive condition, was costing them millions and millions of dollars per year. So they didn't spend "whatever it takes" to keep them alive. They would rather than person die than they take a loss.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Most people in the US have never experienced universal healthcare, so they have no point of reference. They don't understand how it works... they don't even think it CAN work. But every other first world country on the planet has some form of universal healthcare (except Singapore), and every other country pays less than the US.

    The US healthcare system is ranked 38th in the world, just behind Costa Rica. In fact, US maternal mortality rates are the worst in the developed world. A mother is 3 times more likely to survive childbirth in the UK than in America, and 7 times more likely in Finland.

    Yet every year premiums go up while coverage options decline. This is because healthcare in the US is not designed to improve patient outcomes, it's designed to enhance shareholder value. Along with public education and prison, healthcare is an industry that does not thrive under a capitalist model.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    The United States spends the most on healthcare per capita in the entire world.

    Every nation that has universal healthcare pays less than the United States.

    Universal healthcare is cheaper. It's not that we can't afford to switch to universal healthcare, it's that we afford NOT to switch to universal healthcare. Our horrible healthcare system is going to go bankrupt eventually.

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