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religion and spirituality do Christians teach you to obey them or to evade Jesus Christ?

When a Christian comes to you bringing you the gospel the good news of the coming of Jesus Christ Kingdom and tries to teach you about Jehovah God there's a point at themselves and say follow my perfect example or do they say follow the perfect example of Jesus Christ?

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    Christians in the first century taught people to put faith in Jesus Christ who died for their sins and was resurrected

    as proof of being the Son of God. That's in the Bible (Romans 1:1-6), especially the book of Acts.

    The Church has, in every generation and every society, taught the same truth. False Christians have distorted that gospel message about Jesus Christ, getting people to obey them. They do that by saying they are God's sole representative on Earth and that to disobey their leaders is to disobey God. They claim unique authority and special knowledge God imparts to them. Think how the Catholic Church, and the Orthodox Church, have, in particular, done that over the centuries. That is why most of their followers are bound to a system of works that their leaders tell them to do, in order to eventually achieve salvation.

    The Christians I've been fellowshipping with for nearly 40 years (a mixture from many denominations) teach obedience to God by following Jesus Christ who is, in His person, the Good News.

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  • @ Matthew Davies, possible that you have not realized that the tower of the watchmen ti has put out Christian doctrine? We said until the boredom that the name of Jehovah is one of the many names of God, his name is toward Jesus, what it means to say: Jesus Saves! In any case, Jesus imsegnò to call him Father, therefore, this is also one of the names of God, (YHWH) is composed of 4 consonants the name of God! When a Christian speaks that Jesus is the Savior, behold the glad tidings!

    When a Christian speaks that Jesus is the Savior, behold the glad tidings! Jesus is God in his same deity, three equal and distinct Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Jesus is God (John 5:16-23).

    Christ Jesus makes walking a lame: the solitude of this man, the state of deep discouragement, the desire to heal, to be like ali other;'impotence that prevents him from embarking on'water considered miraculous ... contribute to make of this'man an unhappy, a relict of the company.

    Fortunately, is observed by Jesus; which, vedutolo lying and knowing that already for a long time was thus, said to him: "Do you want to be healed?" This suffering was healed, and this attracted a crawl space of controversy in regard to Jesus. Controversy and contrast not only because Jesus had worked the miracle on the sabbath day, but also and especially because Jesus s'identified and made himself equal to God.

    It seems that Jesus wanted to say: "Not v'is no difference among the works of father and my works; these my works are of the same nature." ( a) toward 19 says that the Son acts as the Father. (b) toward 20 says that the Father loves the Son, and this love is the basis of'units between them. This is why have in common all their plans.

    (C) toward 21 says that the Son as the Father has the power to resurrect the dead. These statements of Jesus speaks very clearly; therefore the Jews sought to kill them. (d) toward 23 says that Jesus Christ, since it is God, equal to the Father, must be honored as him. This was like a'accusation against the Jews that they honor the Father. The'Apostle John Affer-ma: "Whosoever denieth the Son, has not even the Father; he who confesses the Son hath the Father also" (1).

    Even today, many go around trying to pretend that Jesus was only a man, but the whole Bible is clearly against this heresy.

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    Find even ONE christer who lives by christ's teachings.

    No such person exists - because THAT would require INTEGRITY.

    christians don't like integrity. But they LOVE making excuses!

    Ari - did you drop out of the second grade?

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