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are white americans Technically english people?

I know that they are americans, and I know that there are americans of other origins too I am talking about americans of 13 colonies, the white anglosaxon protestant. thank you

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    New York was first settled by people from Holland. Pennsylvania was settled by Germans- Deutsch, which later became "Pennsylvania Dutch" but they were German, not Dutch. Parts of New England were settled by the French, which is why the capitol of Vermont is Montpelier.

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    No, the only English people are those born, brought up in England , hold a British passport and they come in all skin shades and all religions

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    No way were all the colonists of the original 13 of English origin. There were Dutch setttlements. Actually, the phonics of how Yankees speak English are Dutch. Talk to a Yankee and say something about short A(s) and long A(s) and he doesn't know what that is. The Dutch do not use short A(s) and therefore they are not taught up north.

    There were also German settlements in colonial America.

    A large part of the land area of today's United States was ruled by France and Spain.

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    Parts of the 13 colonies were the New Netherlands, ruled by the Dutch and settled by Dutch people.

    There were many German, Walloon (what is now Belgium). There were also large numbers of Irish (a separate nation until just after the Revolution) and Scottish (a separate nation for some time during the colonial period) immigrants. There were also many native peoples.

    These people weren't all Anglo Saxon, and they weren't all Protestants. There were even quite a few Jews living in the 13 colonies.

    So no. Not even close.

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    No, English people are technically English people.

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