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What do I do?

I’m at work and I’ve been in a very important meeting all morning. My mother called my office and told the office there was an emergency and I needed to pick up right away. So naturally, i leave the meeting.

I get on the phone with my mother and it’s her screaming at me that I never wished her and my father a happy anniversary this morning when I spoke with her. She accused me of not caring about them family. I could not believe that was the reason she pulled me out of my meeting.

I’m so angry I honestly don’t want to speak to her the rest of the day nor do I want to go out to dinner with them. Am I being petty? This is NOT the first time something like this has happened. She will often try to pick fights with me while I’m on my way to work or while I’m at work. I’ll often go into work extremely annoyed, anxious, and upset and it shows.

Any advice here?

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  • Topaz
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    2 years ago

    Hope u don't live in that home. Other wise u need to move. On the phone calls she's sabotaging your job. Tell the secretary to take a message even when in a meeting. Don't call back. my mom did the same almost got me fired. I moved out and the calls stopped

  • Tara
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    2 years ago

    Go to dinner with them -- act normal .. be sweet.

    The next day - go tell her to never call you at work again . If she calls - don't accept her phone calls. If there is an emergency - set it up where she can call someone close who can call and tell you.

    You will have to be firm .. and mean what you say. If you don't - you will continue to have calls like this.

  • 2 years ago

    She was out of line. You get to react and have your own feelings about it.

  • 2 years ago

    Tell her you are no longer allowed to take calls at work. That her calls for petty things like this got you in trouble.

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  • 2 years ago

    Not petty at all

    Their anniversary is frankly of zero importance to anyone but the 2 of them

    (and I say that as a happily married woman with grown up, working children)

    To do that to you was GROSSLY disrespectful of you as an adult, and to your job/company.

    I would have hung the phone up the moment I realised what the issue was.

    Leave it for a few days until you calm down, and go see them

    explain that she cannot phone your workplace citing an emergency of a forgotten greeting, and it will not be tolerated ever again.

    If she has made a habit of picking fights with you as you are on your way to work, stop taking her calls in the morning. When she asks why you wont pick up, explain you do not have time that early and will phone her later that night.

    Clearly she doesnt have much to occupy her time, but that shouldnt be your problem

    Start creating a clear line when its acceptable to call and when isnt.

    She needs to accept and respect you are working, not a child. Your time isnt your own while you are at work and she cannot encroach into that

  • 2 years ago

    No you're not being petty. Perhaps you need to remind her what constitutes an emergency.

    If she tries to pick a fight, I would just tell her that you need to go and you'll call her back at X time and then end the phone call.

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