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good acrylic nail shapes?

bc of my job i can’t have long nails but i need acrylics bc of how weak & sensitive my nails are. however, my nail bed is very short so what’s the shortest i should go and what kind of shape(s) best works for small nail beds that won’t make my fingers look so awkward and stubby?

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  • Lava
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    2 years ago

    You don't have to extend at all, you can get acrylic or gel as an overlay to add strength to your natural nails. You can get them as short as you want, down to your natural nail length.

    A lot depends on the shape of your fingers and hands, but many people find rounded, oval, and almond shapes lengthen the look of the fingers and nailbeds, while squares and squovals shorten them. Most other shape options don't work well for short nails, and if strength is your goal I'd avoid shapes like stilettos and coffins. You could always ask your nail tech to shape some tips and let you hold them against your nails, see what you think looks best, or just photoshop your hands yourself to see what you like.

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