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Why would none of my extended family congradulate my graduation I'm very hurt and I cried a lot. Do they not like me?

I just recently graduated and my dad sent photos in my extended family chat. They live in different country. My dad however didn't attend my graduation because he was working. My extended family are always would always say congradulation on any event. Do they hate me? Why would they not say anything. I feel very hurt and I started crying beacuse why would they not say so?

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    maybe they didnt know you graduated

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    2 years ago

    Put your big girl pants on and realize not everything in life is fair. Not every country acknowledges graduations.

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    2 years ago

    Graduating high school is no big deal especially outside the USA. It's EXPECTED that you graduate, just like it's expected that you brush your teeth and clean your room, and if you don't graduate, you're seen as a bit of a loser.

    Buck up. NOT graduating is something to cry over.

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    You said they are in a different country?

    Is this a high school graduation per chance? Rather than University with a degree?

    If it IS high school, few countries apart from America celebrate finishing high school, its just expected, not celebrated. Maybe they didnt realise it's a big deal where you are.

    If it IS getting your degree, it was rude not to acknowledge your achievement

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