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I found my Soulmate but he was married Separated from his wife ADVICE?

From the moment I had met him i'd tried to shrug him off as I was in a 7 years relationship that was on the rocks. But honestly it was something about him so I gave him a chance then shrugged him off once again. He mentioned to me prior before finding out he was separated "I thought we had a connection" and we diffidently did. As I never felt so much love and the need to be with him. In this life I need HIM, One day he'd told me he'd been separated for about 2-3years, it didn't stop us from building a relationship a deep friendship, we've made love multiple time i'd lost count. but to make a long story short it's almost been 2 years we'd been building and he came to me as a man saying he didn't want me to fall in love with him but I did and he knows how much i love him there is nothing i would do, but he still loves his wife he's been separated from she's even changed her last name on facebook. but the fact that everytime we depart from one another we find a way of being back in each others arms . i told him i hope he works this thing out with his wife because everyone's heart is at stake mine the most because i have no one to run back to. i always said if it's meant to be he will return once he's figured out his mess but i won't be waiting around but if he comes back with a divorce my arms will be ready to receive him I don't know what to do my heart is connected to him something explainable I never felt before I know he loves me but he won't admit it help!

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    If he felt the same as you - he would admit it.

    Don't have anything to do with him until he comes to you with his divorce papers in his hand -- AND -- he's wanting you completely at that time.

    Don't let him play you - just because he thinks he can.

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    Sorry about that. Sounds like loves you less than you dream he does. After bonking you on the side for a couple of years of continuing to court back his wife.. and him not being willing to tell you he loves you.... well.. it's possible you've built up a fantasy for yourself that isn't really what's going on. For one thing, you refuse to believe his facts as he tells them to you and cling to your own interpretation of them. That's not good.

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    Sorry, but he still loves his wife or this wouldn't be happening....

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Because he doesn't

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  • Anonymous
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    Oh, FFS. Will you please stop trying to make this the love affair of the century? It's the oldest story in the book. He's in love with someone else, and you're his side piece. The end.

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