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I actually really like this girl and don't know how to make a move?

I really like this girl, and the people around me are in disbelief because they think that my emotions are dramatized. But the truth is I have really deep feelings for her and my biggest fear is that they won't be reciprocated. I'm afraid I'm unworthy of her. She's so sensitive and sweet, I would never do anything to somehow hurt her or betray her trust. The truth is I'm so petrified of saying or doing the wrong thing and losing any chance at having a life together. I know she's sensitive and I don't want to cross a boundary or somehow push her away from me. I just want to put all my cards on the table but I know my feelings would be way too overwhelming and I don't want to put her off. I'm really scared of trying to play finesse and then just losing her altogether.

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    2 years ago

    isnt better to let her know incase she feels the same instead of missing out.

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