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Any advice on puppy sleeping out of kennel for first time?

My German Shepherd puppy is 10 months old and can still be a little crazy at times so he still sleeps in his kennel at night just so he doesn’t get into trouble while I’m sleeping. I feel like now is a good time to transition him to being out of his kennel all night and Besides obviously making sure there’s nothing he can get into I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on how to easily transition him to getting used to being out all night. I’m more worried that he won’t feel the need to hold it all night since he’s not confined in his crate. Any advice is appreciated!

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    For all the people suggesting that you should never kennel your dog, I think that is very bad advice. They need to be comfortable in a crate so they are not scared when they are at the vet or groomer, or if you have to travel in an emergency, or if they ever have a medical issue that requires them to be crated for a period of time (like to keep them from being too active while healing).

    Some good suggestions others mentioned are just leaving the door open, and keeping other doors closed so he is in a somewhat confined area. If you keep his bed n the crate, he will likely choose to lay down in there at various times during the day which will keep him used to the crate. I would occasionally still close him up in it for a short period of time (long enough for him to decide to lay down and take a nap) so that he stays used to the idea that a crate is a safe place, and when he is put in one it won't be for very long. Also, keeping a bed in the crate with the door open gives him a place to hide and feel safe if he needs to retreat from anything that is making him nervous or scared (like young kids, a houseful of guests, loud noises, whatever.)

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    yes I decided that Jr was better off sleeping in my room at night than in the crate, he's a good boy but he IS still a puppy. I tried it for a night when it wouldn't matter if I slept well. he did just fine on his bed at the foot of mine. So he is there every night now. And he only chews stuff up when I'm not watching. He's a wonderful pup and that is just part of having a puppy. At 10 months he should not likely have to go during the night If he is keeping clean and dry in his crate, he should be ok.

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    There was no need to use a kennel, crate or cage or whatever you choose to call it to begin with, then you wouldn't have anything to be concerned about now. Had you trained it properly there wouldn't be an issue, but you chose to take an easy out, instead of supervising and training when caught in the act, which hasn't taught a single thing.

    You may have re-train from the beginning, without a crate, all of which may have been avoided if started when you first acquired the dog.

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    I have never crated any of my dogs for any reason & I have rescued large & extra large dogs for about 50 yrs & NEVER used a crate once. Only dogs I have crated were dogs that didn't get along with other dogs in my Grooming Shop. They just didn't play well with the other dogs.

    Yes, you must dog proof your home just as you would if you had a toddler wandering your home. Hide the TV remote, put up pillows, leave chew objects every where, lots of them. If he has stuff he can chew on, he most likely won't destroy your home.

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    I suggest you start by just leaving the kennel door open. He’s probably used to sleeping in his crate and many dogs will still go to their crate to sleep at night.

    If you are worried about him eliminating in the house if you can close the door to the room is crate is in at least his activity would be confined to that area.

    If it were me, I’d get one of those folding cage things - you could put that around his crate so he can get out of the crate but is till confined and slowly give him more and more access to the house.

    I don’t know what you mean by “little crazy” but I assume that you are talking about totally normal adolescent dog behavior. Dogs between 6 and 18 months are adolescents, think teenager. So your dog is the equivalent of ... say an 11 or 12 year old human teen in terms of development of body, brain and behavior. If you haven’t noticed already, your dog has just finished the “teething” stage of chewing recently and has now entered the “adolescent chewing” phase - which is far more destructive. I suggest that the entire area he has access to be entirely cleared of anything you don’t want chewed and that you have at least a half dozen VERY INTERESTING toys in EACH room he has access to.

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    You could start by leaving him out of the kennel for an hour or two while you are in bed but awake doing something like reading.

    You could also try leaving him out while you take a nap during the day (presuming you don't sleep too soundly when you nap).

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    Keep him in the room with you and you will know what is going on. At 10 months he ought to be able to hold it. Perhaps, use same cushion or cover for him to lay on, that was in the kennel. You could also just leave the door to the kennel open so he has option to go out of the cage if he wants. But you might still keep him in your room.

    Use a LOT if praise when he does something outside, and then give a treat.


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