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My parents applied for Naturalization while I was a minor, but I am no longer a minor. Will I have to apply?


They still have not heard back on the status of the case... it's been a year. and now I am 18 and will have to apply on my own.

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    If they did not actually complete naturalization proceedings, including taking the Oath of Naturalization, prior to your 18th birthday, you must apply for naturalization on your own. This of course assumes you have held a valid green card & actually resided in the US for a minimum of 5 years since the green card was issued.

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    depend on all rhe facts ...see an aila Lawyer

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    Did they actually naturalize while you were a minor? Then you were already naturalized by an act of law, and your parents should have applied for a US passport for you at the time. If they didn't, they were stupid, and shirking their duty to you. But you can fix it. It's just a pain., You need their naturalization certificates, your green card, birth certificate, etc. And you need to apply for a passport now.

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    Does not matter what they applied for. What matters is what they got. If they naturalised while you were a minor living in the US with a greencard, you automatically became a US citizen. Take their naturalisation document with your details into the nearest post office and apply for a passport. This is important as it will be your only evidence of citizenship.

    If they applied and were refused or if you were not living in the US at the time, you will have to apply on your own now.

    UPDATE: The process is very straightforward. If you met the criteria you will get an interview date within 6 months so your parents' application got stuck somewhere. Yes, you now must apply on your own. Download the N-400, follow the instructions and submit it. Keep a copy of everything.

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