Is my doctor being flirty?

Pretty much every appointment he makes a comment about my appearance, He's said, "you have a nice smile" and "I'm always happy to see you; you are a nice person." He squeezes my shoulder every visit. He said "you always look nice." He asked "how are things at home" (he's a GP). I saw him staring at my earrings, and one time his eyes trailed from my face to my body.

My sense is that he is attracted to me but it's hard to be objective because I am really attracted to him! I don't think he can come out and say that he likes me because he is my doctor, but I am also worried to tell him how I feel in case I am wrong.


Would your opinion of any of the above change if he were married?

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    2 years ago
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    yes shse is

  • 2 years ago

    I'd assume that this is just "small talk," just clumsy attempts to "put you at ease" and have a "friendly bed side manner" unless/until he does something that's clearly NOT "doctor-patient stuff."

    Of course he looks at your body. He's a doctor! Examining and assessing your body, your skin, your eyes, your ears, your walk, your breathing, and so on is his JOB.

  • 2 years ago

    Doctors expect patients to have feelings for them, and sensible ones stay clear of patients. However, the ethical restraints on MD's aren't as stringent as with therapists. Doctors do sometimes fall in love with patients and even marry them.

  • He is being flirty for a reason;

    1- He is a womanizer, he does it to all the female patients.

    2- He is really attracted to you

    But if a guy is really attracted, Im sure he would've made moves to show you that he is.

    Plus you are saying that he is married, so probably he is womanizer.

    I suggest if you stay away and dont tell him that you are attracted to him, you dont wanna ruin his family.

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  • 2 years ago

    Whether you like him or not is immaterial, it is HIGHLY unprofessional for a doctor to flirt with his patients.

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