At what point do you stop talking to other girls?

I’ve been seeing this girl that lives about 4 hours away but is down here for the summer, things are cool with her but we agreed to take it slow since she’s only here for the summer and wouldn’t want to get trapped in a distance relationship, but then I went on a date with a different girl last night and she was absolutely amazing and she was way out of my league and lives in the same town as me, so I’m worried that talking to both these girls is somehow gonna mess me up but I don’t want to stop talking to the first girl because we’ve gotten pretty close over the summer so far and I wouldn’t want to burn that bridge completely but I’m totally head over heels for the girl I just met, me and the first girl agreed earlier in the summer that it’s okay for us to see other people and that we aren’t exclusively bf/gf but I have no clue if the girl I just met is going out with any other guys and I’d really want to be exclusive with her once we get to know each other better. Also if it makes a difference I’m 20 years old

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    You agreed before with the "First Girl" that you wont be exclusive to each others, and that is okay if you see other people.

    So I think you are on the safe side, if you want to be exclusive to the 2nd girl.

    I think its better that you tell the first girl that you went on a date with the 2nd girl.

    Its very good if you make things clear at the beginning.

    Note: If she got really jealous, it means she likes you

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    U stop talking to other girls when u find that one and wouldnt want to talk to others. Until then - u talk to anyone u want, u re not married, so what is the problem

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