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Do you think it would be ridiculous for Christina Grimmie to be posthumously nominated for a Grammy award?

I saw this petition being spread around on social media and I think her fans are taking things a bit too far.

I mean don't get me wrong what happened to her was terrible and shouldn't happen to anyone, but it is really necessary to posthumously nominate her for a GRAMMY award?


I feel like her fans should be advocating for more gun control instead, that's what her family has been doing for awhile now.

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    She was a talented singer. But she really wasn't that relevant to get one.Most people didn't know her until they heard about her death(I knew about her since I watch the Voice) She shouldn't get a Grammy just based on her death

    But I wouldn't worry. Grammy's aren't based on fans, so they aren't going to care about a petition anyways, especially one that only has almost 2K is nothing

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