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I'm in college right now, but I think I just want to be a waitress?

I just finished my freshman year at college and I'm working in a restaurant over the summer as a hostess but I want to move up to be a waitress. They won't let me because I'm going back to school in the fall

and they think it's a waste of time. I'm studying to be a social worker. I am interested in that, but honestly, I don't think any traditional job could compare to the excitement of working in a restaurant.

I'm so excited to go to work everyday, not only because I love the people I work with but also because I really think I have a passion for this industry. I love interacting with the customers and there's something about serving people and just getting paid to be really over the top nice to people all day that's really fulfilling.

I'm not doing well in school. I got a 2.6 last semester and I'm under my parents' thumb because they pay for my school, apartment, and car note.

The servers at the restaurant I work at make thousands of dollars a month. I could be out of my parents' house in a little while with that kind of money. I could have a job I love and my independence.

Of course there's the stigma. "Just" a waitress. My dad actually felt the need to point out no college educated main would be interested in me. Which, is probably the least of my problems but true.

I might be cutting myself off from some options, but I don't know, that's just how I feel right now. I feel silly for my dream to be a waitress, but it is.

What should I do?


I really doubt with my performance in school I could stay in school and be a waitress. Plus, I would want to stay at this restaurant which is two hours away from where I go to college.

I could possibly try going to community college while waitressing, though.

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    Ok, let’s assume you get the position of waitress. How long do you think it would take for you to get the best shifts. You are not just walking into the Saturday night shift.

    You think you will get every Friday night shift and every Saturday night shift month after month.

    That is only $800. Add on what they make from their other shifts you are still not talking thousandS of dollars every month.

    How long do you want to be working every weekend. What is your future. Pay will remain the same, how do you advance.

    Let’s say you do bring in $2000 per month, that is only $24,000 per year, take out taxes and social security. Do you have to pay in for health insurance.

    Sooner or later your feet, knees and back will start bothering you all the time.

    You may want to quit. Work for awhile. See what two year career programs you community college offers.

    To get a job as a Social Worker you will need a Masters degree. To get into graduate school you will need a GPa of 3.0 or higher,

    Sounds like you are not ready for college. Work for awhile. You may find you want more education at a later time.

    But look realistically at a life time of waitressing.

    My niece quit school and took a job as a hostess then waitress. Good money, yes. But now she is 33 has no education and no other training but waitressing. She needs to work weekends to bring in better tips. Her husband and her take different days off of work so they don’t have to pay more in child care. They don’t get much time together. And her salary realaly hasn’t gone up much over the years,

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    doubt they are making thousand a month. they likely just tell you that because they don't want to give you how much they make in general which really isn't a lot. this is why they depend on tips. tips will vary ontop of that they are split. IF they do steal the tips then your basically going to get fired and yes it does happen people do pocket the tips for themselves. at my old restaurant they did this well one did and lied to the customer saying their was no money left over -.-" maybe the customer was lying idk as customers do tend to lie as well to get more change back or even free food.

    if your not going to be in this field i suggest just staying a host finish college and work in your field. i work as a line cook trust me the pay sucks unless you work as a sous chef or head chef or owner but the struggle is real.

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    2 years ago

    Must be a very high end restaurant for the servers to make "thousands a month". You could put school on hold for a couple of semesters and try the server gig. I think you are overestimating the pay, and underestimating the exhausting nature of the job.

    Or do the community college idea.

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    Consider that being a waitress is being on your feet all day. It is not easy work.

    I will be frank with you. Over the top nice servers usually come across as being condescending.

    This restaurant where you want to work - it can close tomorrow, it can be sold and the new owner's policies may not be to your liking.

    I would not make this a long term employment plan

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  • CiCi
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    2 years ago

    You must be a waitress at a strip club to be making 1000 a month. Let other waitresses tell the story they will say they make scraps

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