Raja asked in SportsMartial Arts · 2 years ago

Where can I learn to fight with a Bo (Martial art weapon)?

I'm very interested in learning how to fight with a Bo that is 6 ft long. However, I cannot seem to find a martial

art school that teaches you the skill of bojutsu. Since I cannot find a bojutsu studio can you suggest any

books, websites or any help where or how I can learn. I would kindly appreciate any help you guys can


1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    Try a Karate school. Kobujutsu is taught in combination with Karate. A school that teaches Karate for self defense will also teach you bojutsu rather than baton twirling. You will have to take Karate, as the foundation (stances), manner of movement and methods are the basic for actually using a weapon. If you don't want to learn good basics look up baton twirling for fancy moves because that is all you will get out of it from learning from books and video. You won't need partners to practice that either which would be necessary if you want to learn to actually defend yourself.

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