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Can I record directly from a headphone jack?

I use a 6 channel Looper that I produce all of my music on and perform live. When I practice I listen to myself in headphones and was curious if I can run a line from a headphone jack directly to a handheld recorder to capture everything I m listening to (as clear as the headphones). I m not trying to break the bank, but at the same time I don t want to get something that is crap. Ideally I m looking to find a way to capture my sets so that I can put the recordings on cds and whatnot.

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    The headphone output is at a relatively high level - it needs to be to power the drivers in the headphones. You would need to begin by having the headphone output level very low and maybe gradually increasing it. Otherwise you will overdrive the input of the recorder.

    This isn't the way to get the best sound quality but you have nothing to lose by trying it and seeing what you think.

    Are there no more suitable outputs on the looper though?

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    Start with the volume set close to minimum and slowly increase it until you get a strong but clean signal.

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    Sure. Why not.

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