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Will weight gain be noticeable?

Hi, I’m sorta being forced to gain weight in anorexia recovery, and though I know my family wants the best for me, it’s hard. I don’t know exactly but I would guess that I have to gain around 5ish pounds (quite possibly a couple more though). I was wondering: how noticeable would that gain be? I’m scared I won’t fit into ANY of my clothes and I’ll look completely different. Will I still fit into my clothes? Yes, I know, anorexia is awful I’m just worried that I won’t recognize my body.

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    5 lbs is nothing and no one will notice it. YOU might notice it, but that's only because people with anorexia are highly critical of their own bodies and they notice every little ounce that they gain. But in reality, you'll look the same and no one with notice. I'm recovering from anorexia myself, so I know this from personal experience.

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    I'm not going to lie to you, the beginning stages suck. You don't get to pick where those first few pounds go so it might make you feel self cautious. However, it does even out. You're not going to come bursting out of your jeans or anything. You will notice the gain more than anyone and you just need to stick it out until the weight starts to look good and starts to go to the right places.

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    Please think positive about your body! people with eating disorders always look horrendous. I’m sorry but they do, I can pick them out of a crowd. A little weight gain will look good on you trust me, At least try to gain a normal range of weight and not be skinny skinny!

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    Yes you so still be able to fit and it won't be noticeable at all of you had anorexia have fun and splurge out your metabolism will be high also so no worries you'll be fine

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