No call audio on Pioneer FH-S501BT?

I just put this stereo in my car and the Bluetooth music works great but when it comes to calls I have nothing and I can t figure out what is going on at all.

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  • KaeZoo
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    2 years ago

    Give us more details. What do you mean by "I have nothing"? Can you hear the other party? Can they hear you?

    What are the year and model of your vehicle?

    In a Pioneer head unit, hand-free audio plays through the front outputs only. That means you can have problems if the front outputs aren't connected to anything. Obviously you won't hear calls if you don't have any front speakers, but there are other cases where this can happen too: some premium audio systems, especially in Chrysler vehicles, only use the rear output to get an audio signal that drives all the speakers. That's why I want to know what kind of vehicle you have.

    Edit: it sounds like your Charger has a factory premium audio system. Here's how that works in a Dodge:

    A standard head unit has four outputs: left front, left rear, right front, right rear. The base audio system in most vehicles works the same way. However, you have the upgrade system, which uses a factory amp. In your vehicle, there are only two channels of audio between the head unit and factory amplifier: left and right audio, with no separate front and rear.

    When you connect an after-market head unit to the factory system, only two of your four outputs can be used, because the factory amp only has two inputs. If you wire it normally, the two channels that are connected will be the rear channels. The factory amp uses the two inputs to send audio to all six speakers in your car, so you still hear sound from the front speakers, even though only your head unit's rear speaker outputs are connected. This works until you have audio that only plays through the head unit' front outputs, not the rear, because then you won't hear it.

    To fix the problem in your vehicle, you need to rewire the head unit so that the Pioneer front speaker wires are connected to the rear speaker connections in your adapter harness. The Pioneer rear speaker outputs don't need to be connected to anything (though they need to be insulated) and the adapter harness front speaker connections don't need to be used either. If you connect it this way, the Pioneer front speaker outputs will feed the amplifier's two audio inputs, and you'll hear Bluetooth hands-free audio through all the speakers.

  • 2 years ago

    Read the instructions.

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