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As a mexican i felt like people who is ok with immigration can stay, trump supporters should go back to europe based on their opinions?

if people want to immigrate they can. if people dont think people should immigrate, then why dont they go back to where they came from? (do as what you say)


@anonymous so are many people who you call illegally in america and europe. alot of people immigrate here in history like today. so what's the difference? if your ancestor didn't immigrate here, you wouldn't be here but back in europe

Update 2:

practice what you preach

Update 3:

@mac do you speak native american?

Update 4:

@mac legal by whose oppinion?

Update 5:

@foofa i am in us and i have mexican native blood. trump doesnt have native blood like his supporters and act like they own everything

Update 6:

@ Lisa A no you go back to europe. u go back to europe first. i said people who are against immigration should go back? so u should go back since you are white and not natives. i was born in mexico and i have natives mexican blood, why should i go back

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    You are an illegal alien. You cannot cross into my yard and expect to get cookies. Get it? Come here LEGALLY and you can stay indefinitely. You break our immigration laws and expect to be treated as a LEGAL citizen. You are out of your mind!! Go home is my message to you, ALIEN.

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    Trump supporters have no rights to return to Europe - and wouldn't be welcome anyway

  • Maxi
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    99% are Americans, the only place they can 'go back to' is America, THEY didn't 'come from Europe' THEY are not citizens of any country apart from America and you can't 'go back to' a country when you have never been there, never lived there and are not a citizen of

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    Trump & most Americans have no problem with law-abiding immigrants. The objections are to lawbreakers. Visa/immigration violators disdain the most fundamental principles the US was founded upon - nobody is above the law - but lawbreakers arrogantly think laws don't apply to them. They also disrespect citizens & legal immigrants. Those are very offensive attitudes to start with.

    A lot of Trump supporters are LEGAL immigrants, legal permanent residents or naturalized citizens, from Central & South America, Asia, etc. They are grossly offended by illegal aliens who refuse to abide by the law when they worked so hard & so long to immigrate & become citizens. They cannot "go back to Europe" since they never came from there to begin with. And native-born Americans who were born to US citizens cannot "return" anywhere since they did not come from some other country to begin with.

  • Lisa A
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    2 years ago

    How about if you go back to Spain goo.

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    It's not the immigration, it's the illegal immigration that's the issue. In this day and age of terrorism, we cannot let just anyone who wants to cross into our country. They have to come through legal ports of entry. And we have to vet each one. And that means legal immigration.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    the diffrence is they came here did it legal and learned the language......

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I was born here. What's your excuse.

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