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My boyfriend took me back but now things are different between us?

So I made the terrible mistake of cheating on him and it destroyed him. I felt and still feel guilty about it. I apologized but he didn’t want to talk to me. We did not talk for a couple weeks and the whole time I was losing it not knowing what our future holds. But he came back and told me he’s going give me a second chance because he doesn’t want to have any hatred for anyone. He wants to start to let things go. But now he’s treating me different, he’s not treating me like he did before I cheated, he is not really interested in spending time together as much and is more reserved as to what he’s doing.

What should I do

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    Either you should be patient and see if he can get over his hurt or, failing that, recognize things will never be the same. If the latter is not to your satisfaction, end it with him and find someone else for yourself.

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    You betrayed him and you wonder why he doesn't seem to trust you anymore...

    Honestly, if you love him, do him a favour and let him go.

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